Electricity Network

2020 Meter Register Review (1)

Controlled load availability

By Malcolm Souness - Director 221b Limited

During January 2020, we undertook an investigation into electricity meter register configurations on New Zealand electricity networks.

The number of infrequently used register configurations indicates that legacy ripple control schedule durations remain in the Electricity Registry. For example, Vector has over 0.2M controlled meter registers with 1-23 hours availability, however just one has an availability of 5 hours, and one other has six hours available. The balance of probabilities suggests these may not be legitimate hours available. Read More…

Meter Register Content Codes

Author: Malcolm Souness, Director, 221b Ltd
Originally published 29 October, 2019, updated January 2020

The source data used for this analysis are taken from the Electricity Authority of New Zealand EMI website. The R statistical analysis package is used to transform and present the data in a more useable form, source code available from the 221b Data Refinery Github Repository. The key constraint on this dataset is the exclusion of de-energised sites (ICP Status 001). Read More…

Retail and Network Tariff Schedules

Author: Malcolm Souness, Director, 221b Limited
Originally published 4 May 2016

Having worked within the energy sector for some time, I never thought that I'd find electricity pricing schedules interesting. Often published tariffs are taken for granted, however published tariffs not without errors. Read More…